Friday 20th September

Creativity and Conformity

Presented as part of a symposium on creativity and problem solving at the British Society of Aesthetics annual conference

Homerton College, University of Cambridge


Saturday 20th July

Musicians, Creativity and Depression

Royal Musical Association Music and Philosophy annual conference

Senate House, University of London


Monday 8th July

Public Intellectuals and Integrity

Integrity Workshop

University of York


Friday 19th April

Artistic Integrity and Independence of Mind

University of Rijeka Scientific Colloquium, Croatia


Thursday  18th April

Invited Lecture at a Colloquium dedicated to my work on Art and Morality

University of Rijeka, Croatia 


Monday 25th March


University of British Columbia, Canada


Thursday 22nd March

Creativity, Virtue and Challenges from Natural Talent, ill-Being and Immorality

Aesthetics Research Seminar Group

University of British Columbia, Canada


Wednesday 13th March

Creative Competition or Dialogue

St. Mary's University College, University of London

Royal Institute of Philosophy Public Lecture


Wednesday 20th February



University of Barcelona, Spain

KU Leuven, Belgium